Arizona Appellate Blogs

We are a recent addition to the Arizona appellate blogosphere. We thought we'd take a moment and point out a couple of other excellent Arizona appellate blogs worthy of checking out. The oldest and most established Arizona appellate blog is AZAPP, a blog maintained by the fine lawyers at Osborn Maledon. AZAPP is near-and-dear to our hearts because one our members was there at its founding. Highly recommended. The other Arizona appellate blog we think is worth a read is Arizona Appellate Blog. It's younger than AZAPP -- about to turn 4 years old -- but contains sharper and more pointed reviews of Arizona appellate decisions. Looks to be anonymous to us. But still highly recommended. 

As for our blog -- we're new and still getting our sea legs -- but we aim to provide timely posts regarding interesting cases out of the appellate courts relevant to Arizona lawyers. We also will post about other topics of interest, including thoughts regarding the practice, writing style, effective argumentation, and life before the "higher courts."

We hope and trust you will find our contributions educational, occasionally entertaining, and usually worth your time. If so -- and especially if not -- let us know. Your comments are welcome.

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