Arizona Supreme Court Rules that Arizona Medical Marijuana Act Protects Patients’ Use of Marijuana Extracts

Court vacates convictions and sentences of Rodney Jones, a medical marijuana cardholder.

(Phoenix, AZ, May 28, 2019)—Today, the Arizona Supreme Court issued its Opinion in State v. Jones, holding that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act immunizes patients who use medical marijuana in the form of extracts and concentrates. The Court of Appeals had ruled that medical marijuana includes only the whole dried flowers of the plant. A unanimous Supreme Court reversed that ruling and vacated the convictions of Rodney Jones, a medical marijuana cardholder who was prosecuted for acquiring extract from a state-licensed dispensary.

Jones’s case was argued to the Arizona Supreme Court by attorney Robert A. Mandel of Mandel Young, a Phoenix-based appellate law firm. “We are gratified that the Court upheld the will of the voters that patients would be allowed to use medical marijuana in whatever form works best for them,” Mandel said. “This is a great result for patients in Arizona. What is unfortunate is that Mr. Jones had to spend two-and-a-half years in prison based on a flawed interpretation of the Act.”

Jones was represented at the Arizona Supreme Court by Robert A. Mandel and Taylor C. Young of Mandel Young PLC and by Lee Stein and Anna H. Finn of Mitchell Stein Carey Chapman, PC.

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