Join Taylor Young for a CLE on the Walsh decision and its effect on Arizona law.

2.0-hour CLE seminar on an important decision by the Arizona Court of Appeals

On October 2, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled in a marital dissolution case, Walsh v. Walsh, that the value of the husband’s law practice was not limited to its stock redemption value. Central to the decision was the finding that the marital community had an interest in the personal goodwill associated with the husband’s practice.

The goodwill valuation issues in the Walsh decision are significant for virtually any party for whom the value of their professional practice or business may become an issue in litigation, estate planning or other situations.

Join us for an exploration of the Walsh decision and its potential impact on Arizona law and practice. Our panel will discuss the decision’s impact on the valuation of professional goodwill, spousal maintenance awards, determination of normalized compensation, issues related to standard of value, implications for other practice areas, and, given the trends, whether the decision is likely to be subjected to additional appellate scrutiny.

Joining Taylor will be valuation expert Lynton Kotzin, Tucson family Law Attorney Kathleen McCarthy, and Phoenix Family Law Attorney Keith Berkshire.

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