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Get Ya Final Judgment! Arizona Supreme Court Clarifies Rule 54(c)'s Certification of Finality Requirement by Amendment

Rule 54(c) as amended marks the end for a mistaken construction of the original rule’s certification of finality requirement—a construction that began to take root soon after the rule took effect three years ago. Given the importance of this clarification to an area of the law that presents more than its fair share of traps for the unwary, we ring in 2017 by addressing the amended rule here.    

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Analysis: State Law Takes Aim at Local Governments

A law enacted by the Arizona Legislature and signed by Governor Ducey (A.R.S. § 41-194.01) withholds state revenues from municipalities that pass measures the state attorney general decides conflict with state law.  Reportedly, the new law was targeted at Bisbee and Tucson after those cities adopted ordinances lawmakers did not favor.  However, municipalities statewide are vulnerable.

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Legislative Simulation is Eye Opener for Business Students

Every summer for the past ten years, Taylor Young, co-founder of Mandel Young, has been putting ASU Executive MBA students through a two-day simulated legislative exercise at the Arizona State Capitol. The exercise, presented in collaboration with the W.P. Carey School of Business and Cox Communications, assigns students roles as lawmakers and other actors in the legislative process.

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